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Crypto-Currency is a new revolutionary alternative to fiat. Its easy to obtain, and easy to use.

Within that it is our mission is to build the most trustworthy community , with great users and practical knowledge professionals.

Our Goal is to make ketosis coin inspiring, simple to use, and accessible for everyone.

Coinbase’s survey that spans the past year and 2,000 participants revealed that cryptocurrency awareness in the U.S. has continued growing, with 58% of Americans having heard about bitcoin (BTC). Of them, some expressed a desire to diversify their investment portfolios with digital currencies, were excited by crypto’s idea of a worldwide currency, or liked the absence of high transfer fees.

In late April, a survey published by Spencer Bogart of venture capital firm Blockchain Capital revealed that the vast majority of American citizens had heard of bitcoin, regardless of age. The proportion of people who heard of bitcoin increased from 77% in October 2017 to 89% in April 2019.

Meet Our KETOsis Coin Team

Meet Our Management Team

We have had the pleasure of supporting many different organizations throughout the years.


Marketing and Business Development

I promote keto coin and build business relationships.

Christian Marvel

Network Manager and Application Developer

I manage all the network servers, and wallet systems.


Content Writer

I write community content and bring to you the latest popular keto articles.

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Meal Planner

Get lots of weekly keto and low-carb meal plans, complete with shopping lists, with our premium meal planner tool.