Keto Asian Beef Salad

Keto Asian Beef Salad

Gingery and savory with a slightly spicy kick. Hearty red meat with creamy sesame goodness. All that, keto, and a refreshing salad to boot?? Do you see where we’re going with this? Meet your newest favorite food in a bowl!

25 Min

Serv. 2



  • Sesame mayonnaise
  • 1 cup mayonnaise

  • 1 tbsp sesame oil

  • ½ tbsp lime juice

  • salt and pepper

  • Beef
  • 1 tbsp olive oil

  • 1 tbsp fish sauce

  • 1 tbsp grated fresh ginger

  • 1 tsp chili flakes

  • 23 lb ribeye steaks

  • Salad
  • 3 oz. cherry tomatoes

  • 2 oz. cucumber

  • 3 oz. lettuce

  • ½ red onion

  • Fresh cilantro

  • 1 tsp sesame seeds

  • 2 scallions


Carbohydrates 7 g
Calories 1249 kcal
Protein33 g
FAT120 g


  • Prepare the sesame mayonnaise by mixing mayo with the sesame oil and lime juice. Season with salt and pepper. Set aside.
  • Mix all ingredients for the beef marinade and pour into a plastic bag. Add the beef and marinate for 15 minutes or more at room temperature.
  • Chop all vegetables for the salad, except the scallions, into bite-sized pieces. Divide between two plates.
  • Heat a medium frying pan over medium heat. Add sesame seeds to the dry pan, and toast them for a couple of minutes, or until they’re lightly browned and fragrant. Set aside.
  • Pat the meat dry on both sides with paper towels. On high heat, sear for a minute or two on each side, and then reduce heat to medium low, cooking until beef is medium, and then transfer to a cutting board.
  • Fry the scallions for a minute in the same pan.
  • Slice the meat, across the grain, into thin slices. Place beef and scallions on top of the vegetables.
  • Top with roasted sesame seeds and serve with a dollop of sesame mayonnaise on the side.

Additional Tips

In this dish, the beef is best served at medium, but you can make it well done if you prefer.